he Listel Hotel A certified Zero-waste hotel High efficiency low voltage lighting implemented throughout the hotel property Solar Panels Bulk amenities dispensers - removing 45,000 plastic bottles from waste annually Our Zero-Waste Program

Environment Matters

our commitment / our eco-initiatives

The Listel Hotel is committed to environmental protection and sustainability guided by our Environment Matters, our eco-initiative. This initiative strives to minimize our property’s operational impact on the environment through resource conservation and best practices.

All of us at The Listel Hotel commit to –

  • Work diligently to minimize waste and conserve natural resources, particularly through water and energy conservation;
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and strive to follow best environmental practices;
  • Make environmental considerations an important aspect of decision-making;
  • Review the objectives of Environment Matters: Our Eco-Initiative annually;
  • Build partnerships in our community in order to share our message, educate ourselves, effect positive environmental change, and raise awareness for our guests and colleagues;
  • Promise to consider the opinions and feedback of our guests when examining our environmental programs and procedures;
  • Identify areas for improvement and innovation and support the efforts of the Environment Matters committee.

Zero waste means that we are –

  • turning all of our organic waste into compost
  • reusing all our recyclables, and
  • converting our non-recyclables into electricity

To find out more about our biggest move in being green, check out the, Solar panel Press Release. To learn more about our various Sustainability Initiatives  click here.

The task for us today is to learn how to become good ancestors of tomorrow.


The Listel Hotel Vancouver Meetings & Events


All of us at The Listel Hotel recognize the increased importance that event and meeting planners have in positioning their meetings as “green” and in promoting reduced environmental impact. As part of our eco-initiative, Environment Matters, we continue to explore new opportunities to help event and meeting planners green their events. Through this initiative, we are proud to support renewable electricity with Bullfrog Power.

All of The Listel Hotel's meeting rooms are now bullfrogpowered with 100% BC-made wind power. Together, ensuring that all meetings, conferences and events are reducing their environmental footprint.

Choosing Bullfrog Power means taking a stand for low-impact renewable electricity, creating further demand for wind power, reducing the impact on the environment and helping to create a healthier environment for today and tomorrow. Leading environmental groups including WWF-Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation advocate choosing clean, renewable power as a meaningful action individuals and organizations can take to help address the global issue of climate change and support the development of renewable energy.

When hosting a bullfrogpowered event at The Listel Hotel your event will:

  • Have a reduced environmental footprint
  • Help create a healthier environment for families, communities and future generations
  • Strengthen the event’s association with a clean environment and healthy lifestyle

How does it work?

It's very simple – Bullfrog calculates the amount of electricity used by the meeting and function space at The Listel Hotel Vancouver and then ensures that an equivalent amount of low-impact renewable power from EcoLogoM-certified wind is injected back on to the electricity system. It's good to know that all events held at The Listel Hotel Vancouver are automatically bullfrogpowered.

Our Best Rate Guarantee

Book online with peace of mind

When booking your hotel accommodations you need to know your requirements are handled with attention and care. Booking direct on thelistelhotel.com gives you the flexibility to pick the right hotel accommodations for your stay. You'll also enjoy instant email confirmation, more promotions and packages, no deposits or prepayments, and no fees on changes or cancellations made up to 24 hours prior to your arrival date.

To further ease your peace of mind when booking online, we offer our Best Rate Guarantee.
If you find a better room rate for The Listel Hotel Vancouver on another website, we will match that site’s rate, for that same room type. Call us toll free at 1 800 663 5491 for our best rate guarantee.

Please note:

  • The rate must be able to be booked and confirmed on that third party website at the time you call us.
  • The dates and room type(s) on the third party website must match with your requested dates and room type(s).
  • For comparison, foreign rates are converted to the Canadian equivalent using the hotel’s current exchange rate.
  • The offer is not valid on multi-room, group and/or negotiated rates.

Hotel Policies

Credit | Privacy | Taxes & Fees | Parking

Credit Policies
The Listel Hotel requires a valid credit card and valid piece of government issued identification to be presented at check-in. The name on the front of the credit card and the signature on the back of the credit card must match the information provided on the government issued identification and the name and signature of the person registering for the room. The credit card will be imprinted on the hotel's registration card and authorized for an amount to cover the room and tax charges for the entire stay, plus a reasonable reserve for possible incidental charges. At check-out, if a guest chooses to pay by means other than the pre-authorized credit card, the pre-authorization will be deleted by the credit card company as per their individual policies and procedures (please check with your credit card issuer for their current policy and procedure regarding pre-authorizations)

This policy is strictly enforced and is applicable to all hotel guests, whether or not they or a third party has pre-paid for their accommodations.

Privacy Policy
The Listel Hotel complies with British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Personal Information Protection Act. At www.oipcbc.org/legislation.htm.

Taxes & Fees
All room rates are subject to 21% Taxes and Fees. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 12.96% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) Federal and Provincial General Sales Tax
  • 2.03% AHRT (Additional Hotel Room Tax) Provincial Tax
  • 1.31% DMF (Destination Marketing Fee) Funding Directed to Regional Tourism Marketing
  • 4.7% F&EF (Facility & Eco Fee) Our Facility & Eco Fee includes the following benefits:
  • Internet access (both wired or wireless);
  • Unlimited local telephone calls;
  • Unlimited long distance calls within Canada and the USA;
  • Unlimited faxes;
  • Black & white photocopying (to a maximum of 100 sheets per day);
  • Computer kiosk with printer, Internet access and Microsoft Office applications;
  • Zero waste disposal (all waste disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner);
  • Morning newspaper (available upon request);
  • Fitness Centre in-house and/or access to Steve Nash Fitness World Express (three blocks from Hotel).

Secure Gated Parking

  • Hotel parking is $26 per night (exclusive of 35.5% taxes, total with tax per night is $35.24)
  • This includes 24-hour secured gated valet parking
  • Unlimited in-and-out privileges
  • Lot clearance 6’6”; limited over-height parking available, please call for details
  • 35.5% taxes on parking??!! Yes, we know, it seems astronomical; however, 27% of that tax goes to TransLink, Vancouver’s regional transportation authority, so we try to think of it as directly contributing to the environment!